Illegal lottery: Two held in Kota Marudu

KOTA MARUDU: Two local men ased 44 and 46 were detained for sispected involvlment in illegal lottery gambling in Kg Panaitan here on Wednesday.

District Police Chief DSP Mohd Isa Yusof said a team led by Inspector Mohd Zulkairi raided a house in Kg Panaitan Jalan Tagaroh at about 4.30pm following tips on illegal gambling activities in the premises.

He said police recovered several pieces of paper with numbers printed on them, RM140, a data printer, three handphones and other equipment used for lottery gambling.

The men, he said, were being remanded at the district police station to facilitate investigations under Section 4A of the Common House Gambling Act 1953.

Extracted from DailyExpress

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