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The life lesson on a mountain trail 

For decades, climbing Mount Kinabalu was a pipe dream to my couch potato self, until one day I was somehow persuaded to take on the challenge. The first stretch was arduous but manageable. I stopped for many breaks that progressively chipped away at my ego as Japanese grannies in sweater sets, countless porters and trail guides overtook me with encouraging smiles. read more... 


The English medium school - a panacea?


COMMENT: While the desire to improve the standard of English in the school system is commendable, some of the arguments made on behalf of the language in the media recently are deeply flawed. I shall focus briefly on three of them.The English medium school - a panacea?.read more... 

Reform for Kaamatan revelry in Sabah comes slowly

The greeting 'Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan!' has been heard throughout the month of May as natives in Sabah, particularly the Kadazans and Dusuns, celebrate the harvest more... 

Yes, there are Malaysians with misplaced sensitivity

A former Libaran MP Akbar Khan Abdulrahman, a man of Pakistani descent has expressed disgust with the remarks maderead more... 

Billions promised, but Sarawak schools still in sorry state

Entry into the teaching degree programme (PISMP) has been stringent as candidates must obtain five outstanding results in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia read more... 

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